The Genève Invest Group is composed of the corporate parent Genève Invest S.à.r.l, based in Geneva (Switzerland), and its subsidiary Genève Invest (Europe) S.A., based in Luxembourg.

Genève Invest S.à.r.l. is a member of the Self-Regulating Organization Polyreg, which is recognised by the Swiss financial supervision organisation (FINMA). Polyreg supervises Genève Invest S.à.r.l. with respect to Article 24 of the Money Laundering Act. Genève Invest S.à.r.l. is entitled to operate as a financial intermediary within the meaning of Article 2 (3) of the Money Laundering Act. Genève Invest S.à.r.l., as a wealth management firm, voluntarily submitted to professional and deontological standards of “Polyasset” and therefore will be annually supervised by a recognised accountancy firm.

Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. deals with our clients living in the European Union. Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. is an ised asset management company recognised by the “Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier” (CSSF). Moreover, our subsidiary is liable to the control of the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) in Luxembourg, which as well regulates Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. . Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. is permitted to offer the services of an asset management company in 27 countries of the European Union. Besides, it is registered as an asset management firm with the financial regulatory ity FCA (Financial Conduct ity) in the United Kingdom as well as with the Irish financial services regulator Central Bank and Financial Services ity of Ireland.

Membership in association for asset managers – Genève Invest (Europe) S.A.

The “Association Luxembourgeoise des Professionnels du Patrimoine“ (ALPP) is a non-profit organisation. It includes over 100 independent companies, established in Luxembourg, whose interaction with each other covers the entire range of financial and asset management services for an international clientele of companies and private individuals.

Luxembourg Deposit Guarantee Fund FGDL – Fonds de garantie des dépôts

The primary purpose of the Fonds de garantie des dépôts Luxembourg (FGDL, Luxembourg Deposit Guarantee Fund) which is an établissement public (public body), is to ensure the compensation of depositors in case of unavailability of their deposits. The FGDL provides the necessary funds for the repayment of unavailable deposits, in principle within seven working days, up to EUR 100,000 per person and per institution. More information can be found under


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